"Nation as the next fashion statement"

Updated: May 12

I cannot see myself wearing the western RED's and Blue's no more, let's get the tri-color in the game!


I am a global person, I love brands, I love how Hugo Boss makes apparels that exhort quality and detail, I love the spunk Nike builds in its brand outlook, and there are so many beautiful fashion labels that money can buy. However, there is a void that these brands do not fill. The void is of a thorough bred national brand that I can relate to. A brand that subtly represents finer things that touch my sentiments of being an Indian.

The tri-color is sacrosanct and must find way in our wardrobe. Its time to get nationalism back in fashion. Its not about being a fascist as some people may label it, its about nationalistic fervor and love for what is our own.

I am a fashion enthusiast, I do spend quality time studying international fashion and its impact in how we dress today. Thankfully, we have access to the best fashion brands in the world, but there are rather too many brands displaying the Reds and Blues that represent a certain type of sect and today dominates our wardrobe. I rather diversify my outlook and be open to experimenting with colors that represent the essence of my own country. With fashion we can make a strong statement without saying or doing anything and hence its a very powerful communication vehicle. I will not be very critical of myself when i say, "lets usher in the sentiment of getting nationalism back in fashion". Its nothing to be traditional or wearing traditional, its about reflecting your own colors. The tri-color is sacrosanct and must find way in our wardrobe.

Remembering your own!

In the military we say and do a lot of things everyday that keeps us closer to our heritage, fallen heroes, and the country at large. This solemn gesture gives us a sense of disciple towards our nation, our units and the men we command. This sentiment and discipline towards your own is critical to be imbibed when in or out of uniform. Love for ones country, its reflection and personification makes us sentimental, aware and disciplined about things 'Indian'. The incorporation of a national insignia in what we wear - could be the American Flag or the Union Jack or a signification moment in history or the our very own national colors, makes fashion special and helps us remember our own. This generation has largely missed the opportunity to do this, its time we drive the change.

Jai Hind!


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