Crew Necks - From tactical to practical!

Crew Necks - From tactical to practical!

From tactical to practical! Crew Necks are the most least evolved yet accepted and iconic fashion wear ever!

About approximately 100 years back, the basic crew neck was born. It was more of a sweat absorber worn by sportsmen, soldiers and sailors as an inside clothing. Back then, these soon to be the most revered piece of clothing in history, were in basic whites or military green.

So how the hell this simple crew shirt got so famous? Well the answer is with the guys who wore it! These men were well built, athletic and of course reflected the charm of being martial. Very often, the casual sailor unbuttoned his shirt showing off the crew neck that was well fitted at a time when well fitted was not in fashion. Soon this short sleeved, well fitted clothing got rid of its cover – the traditional shirt. What we got then is history!

Crew necks soon were adopted by fashion brands and were made famous by legends like James Dean, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and surely the men who fought in the WWII.

The iconic crew neck is a well fitted, yet comfortable, solid colored t-shirt with minimum intrusion of rubberized prints. That is the classic look that makes a real crew neck. So what should you demand from your next buy?

  • Your crew neck needs to be very comfortable, typically made up of cotton (80%) and polyester

  • It needs to rest exactly at your shoulder line to give a fitted look

  • Go for solids with limited prints, these look very classy over jeans

The crew neck behooves you to be in shape, else it will not do justice. Be in shape, love and live in your crew necks, they are the best!


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